ALS Beamline 8.0.1 XAS/RIXS Announcements & Updates

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General User Resources:

Beamline 8.0.1 Current Experimental Schedule - click here! (NOTE: All canceled! See COVID-19 updates above)


BCS software quick manual

iRIXS operation manual online!

iRIXS sample positioning through alignment lasers (PDF download)


Beamline and endstation emergency shutdown procedures


Previous Beamline 8.0 Beamtime Schedules


ALS UM Energy Workshop Websites:

2019 ALS-UM Energy Workshop

2018 ALS UM workshop on RIXS

2017 UM workshop: Frontiers in operando and in situ soft X-ray spectroscopy

2016 High-Throughput Soft X-Ray RIXS for Energy Sciences

2015 Liquids and Interphases for Energy Applications Workshop Agenda

2014 Energy Grand Challenges Workshop Agenda

2013 AMBER Workshop Agenda

2012 Battery Workshop Agenda