ALS Beamline 8.0.1 XAS/RIXS Announcements & Updates

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BL8.0.1 experimental schedule:

Beamline 8.0.1 Current Experimental Schedule - click here!

Previous Beamline 8.0 Beamtime Schedules



BCS software quick manual

iRIXS operation manual online!

iRIXS sample positioning through alignment lasers


A quick guideline on running iRIXS experiments with minimum amount of physical stay

Beamline and endstation emergency shutdown procedures


Previous RIXS Workshops:

2020 outreach forum: Imaging Spectroscopy

2019 ALS-UM Energy Workshop

2018 ALS UM workshop on RIXS

2017 UM workshop: Frontiers in operando and in situ soft X-ray spectroscopy

2016 High-Throughput Soft X-Ray RIXS for Energy Sciences

2015 Liquids and Interphases for Energy Applications Workshop Agenda

2014 Energy Grand Challenges Workshop Agenda

2013 AMBER Workshop Agenda

2012 Battery Workshop Agenda