Beamline 8.0.1 BCS and XAS software manual

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DISCLAIMER: A synchrotron beamline is NOT something one could operate by just reading through a manual. Anyone operating a synchrotron beamline should have some sort of OJT. Reading this manual does NOT automatically authorize anyone to operate any synchrotron beamline. The purpose of this manual is for providing a reference, a reminder, or a general guideline for users who know what they are doing.

Dowloadable PDF version here!

- Run the BCS Labview Package
- Set Beamline Photon Energy
- Optimize Undulator Gap (ID scan)
- Setup and Run XAS Scan

  1. If not running already, RUN the LabView application “BL control main” (shortcut on top of desktop).
    1. The main panel will show up (image below)
    2. Wait until the “Motor Subsystem” finishes all necessary initiations
    3. All lights on the right column of “Subsystem Status” should be green!


Main panel

  1. Make sure the following items:
    1. Exit Slit enabled
    2. ID Energy enabled
    3. Grating Mismatch warning red light should be OFF
    4. Enabled grating selection should have green light ON
    5. Ring Energy Constant should be close to 1.9 (+/-0.1)
  1. The tab of “counters” is the most useful for users. e.g., For iRIXS systems:
    1. “Counter 0” : I-0
    2. “Counter 1” : TEY
    3.  “Counter 2” : TFY
    4. “Counter 3” : I-0 downstream



Motor Display


Entrance Slit


ID Scan



XAS setup  XAS scan