Chemistry and Morphology of Liquids and Interphases for Energy Applications: an In-situ Soft X-ray Approach

- a workshop of 2015 Advanced Light Source Users Meeting

Organizers: Cheng Wang, Wanli Yang, Jinghua Guo, Ethan Crumlin, Howard Padmore, Zahid Hussain (ALS), Arun Devaraj, Vijayakumar Murugesan,  Louis J Terminello (PNNL)

Time: October 6, 13:30PM - October 7, 17:30PM 2014 (PCT)
Location: Lawrence Berkeley National Laborotary (View Map)
Conference Room: Building 15, Conference Room 253

Energy generation and storage applications rely on high-performance electrochemical devices. One of the grand challenges for the next generation energy storage is to understand and develop the complex liquid electrolytes in regards to the durability and safe performance in the electrochemical devices. The interface and interphase region between the electrolyte and electrode in an electrochemical device is the key for understanding and improving the practical performance. State-of-the-art soft x-ray spectroscopy provides unique opportunities to tackle both the physical states and chemical reactions of the electrolyte and electrolyte-electrode interface/interphase. And the newly developed RSoXS scattering technique at the ALS combines soft x-ray spectroscopy with x-ray scattering and offers statistical information for 3D chemical morphology over a large sample area.
This workshop focuses on studying both the chemistry and morphology of the critical electrolyte and interphase in electrochemical devices, solar fuel membrane assembly, and fuel-cell membranes, through in-situ/operando soft x-ray spectroscopy and scattering techniques. Our goal is to stimulate the collaborations between material scientists and spectroscopists to tackle both the fundamental and technoological challenges on the liquid-solid interface and interphase in energy devices.

NOTE: Presentations are NOT limited to synchrotron applications. Discussions on grand challenges in a broad field are highly encouraged in this workshop.

Agenda :

Oct 6, 12:00 Lunch & Registration (ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)

Chair: Wanli Yang

13:30   Prof. Clemens Heske, UNLV, director of ANKA
Title: Soft x-ray spectroscopy to study liquids, solids, gases, and their interfaces

14:00   Dr. Kang Xu, US Army Research Lab
Titel: Interfacing Electrolytes with Electrodes

14:30   Dr. Hui Zhao, EETD of LBNL
Title: Propylene carbonate (PC)-based electrolytes with high Coulombic efficiency for lithium-ion batteries

15:00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee Break

Chair: Jinghua Guo

15:30   Dr. Walter Drisdell, JCAP
Title: Understanding the Catalyst/Electrolyte Interface During Solar Fuel Generation

16:00  Dr. Timothy Arthur, Toyota
Title: Towards in operando analysis for magnesium batteries and exhaust catalysis

16:30  Dr. Selim Alayoglu, CSD LBNL
Title: multi-modal probing of chemical and catalytic transformations via windowless micro-reactors

17:00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dinner (ALS patio)

Oct 7, 8:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast (ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)

Chair: Ethan Crumlin

8:30     Prof. John Hemminger, UCI
Title: Liquid-Jet electron spectroscopy combined with MD simulations of aqueous solution surfaces and nanoparticles entrained in water

9:00     Mr. Wesley Hong, MIT
Title: Probing wetting and oxygen electrocatalysis for energy conversion and storage

9:30     Dr. Jinghua Guo, ALS
Title: High-pressure soft X-ray spectroscopy of chemical reactions

10:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morning Coffee Break

Chair: Cheng Wang

10:30   Prof. Ting Xu, UCB
Title: Toward Functional Hybrid Biomaterials Based on Proteins and Polymers

11:00   Dr. Wesley Henderson, PNNL
Title: Fusing Experimental/Computational Methodologies for Delineating Electrolyte Solution Structure

11:30   Mr. Michael Brady , UCSB

11:55 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lunch (ALS Patio)

Chair: Arun Devaraj

13:30   Dr. Kevin Leung, Sandia National Lab
Title: Electrolyte decomposition on spinel Li(x)Mn(2)O(4) surfaces and its voltage dependence

14:00   Dr. Niri Govind, PNNL
Title: Simulating XANES and VtC-XES of Transition Metal Complexes with TDDFT

14:30   Dr. Vijay Murugesan, PNNL
Title: Decoding electrochemistry through multi-modal spectroscopy

15:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afternoon Coffee Break

Chair: Jinghua Guo

15:20   Prof. Gerbrand Ceder, MIT / UC Berkeley
Title: New directions for Li-ion cathode development

15:50 Dr. Christopher J. Brooks, Honda Research Institute
Title: Current Possibilities and Investigation of the LI-O2 Electrochemical Reaction on Catalyst Surfaces: Implications for a metal-air battery

16:20   Dr. Yi-sheng Liu, ALS LBNL
Title: in-situ soft x-ray XAS & RIXS spectroscopy

16:40   Dr. Marco Favaro, ALS LBNL
Title: in-situ ambient pressure XPS

17:00   Mr. Qinghao Li
Title: in-situ sXAS and sXES of battery electrolytes and the interfaces

17:20-17:30 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Adjourn