Fundamentals and applications of soft X-ray RIXS: opportunities in physics and materials

- A workshop of 2018 Advanced Light Source Users Meeting

Organizers:Wanli Yang, Jinghua Guo, Yi-de Chuang, Per-Anders Glans-Suzuki, Yi-sheng Liu (ALS)

Time: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 (PCT)
Location: Lawrence Berkeley National Laborotary (Travel and Site Access)
Lodging: Berkeley Lab Guest House
Conference Room: Bld15, Conference Room 253 (second floor right above Bld 15 lobby)

The ALS has recently demonstrated a series of soft X-ray high-efficiency RIXS (resonant inelastic x-ray scattering) systems that cover full-energy-range fast mapping of RIXS (mRIXS), various in-situ capabilities through wetRIXS, and momentum resolved qRIXS. Additionally, two high-resolution RIXS beamlines, AMBER and QERLIN, are under commission with scientific focuses on practical energy materials and fundamental quantum materials, respectively. While these high-efficiency RIXS systems open up new opportunities in both fundamental physics and practical materials studies, theoretical interpretations and potential applications are to be further explored. This workshop plans to bring together the theoreticians, spectroscopists, and material scientists together to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and interpretations of soft X-ray RIXS of both energy and quantum materials.


Agenda (Please note workshop group photo is at 15:00PM!)

8:00 am

Registration, Morning Refreshments—ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent


8:45 am





9:45 AM


Introduction to ALS RIXS group & beamlines:

Workshop kickoff - Remarks on RIXS group of ALS

iRIXS & BL8.0.1


qRIXS, QERLIN & detectors

In-situ soft x-ray spectroscopy at Wet-RIXS endstation



Jinghua Guo (ALS)

Wanli Yang (ALS)

Per-Anders Glans-Suzuki (ALS)

Yi-de Chuang (ALS)

Yi-sheng Liu (ALS)


10:05 am

Coffee Break



10:20 am

10:50 AM







Investigating the Possibility of Anionic Redox in Li-rich Layered Oxides Using RIXS

Understanding the Reaction Mechanism of Lithium Battery Materials by in-situ and operando X-ray spectroscopy

Combining RIXS and structural probes to understand the relationship between oxygen redox and structural defects in lithium ion batteries

Free discussions on morning sessions (10")


Shawn Sallis (NYSU)


Liang Zhang (LBNL)


William Gent (Stanford)


12:00 pm

Lunch and Exhibitors—ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent


1:30 pm


2:00 PM

2:30 PM


First-principles Many-body determinant approach to modeling X-ray spectroscopy

First-principles RIXS simulations at the O K-edge using the OCEAN BSE approach

Multimodal chemical analysis of heterogeneous and reactive interfaces


David Prendergast (LBNL)

Sri Chaitanya DasPemmaraju (SLAC)

Vijayakumar Murugesan (PNNL)

3:00 pm

!!!!!!!!!!! Workshop group photo !!!!!!!!

Coffee Break



3:20 pm

3:50 PM


4:20 PM




More RIXS Opportunities with Complex Oxides

High temperature singlet-based magnetism from Hund's rule correlations

Building a Molecular Picture of Heterogeneous Water Oxidation Catalysts

Free Discussions on Afternoon sessions (10") and Walk to Bld 50 Auditorium


Byron Freelon (U. Louisville)

Lin Miao (NYU)


James Thorne (Boston College)





17:00 ----- Evening Session at LBNL Building 50 Auditorium:

17:15 pm

Student Poster Award Talk


17:30 pm

ALS-U Project Update

Dave Robin, ALS-U, LBNL

17:50 pm

ALS-U Updated Beamlines for Future Science

Andreas Scholl, ALS, LBNL

18:15 pm

Awards Dinner—ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent