Challenges and Opportunities for Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of Interfaces and Bulk Materials for Energy Applications

- A Workshop of 2019 Advanced Light Source Users Meeting

Organizers: Wanli Yang, Oleg Kostko, Yi-sheng Liu, Jinghua Guo, Ethan Crumlin
Time: October 2-3, 2019
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Location: 54-130 (Pers Hall in the Cafeteria building), Lawrence Berkeley National Laborotary View Larger Map

   Sustainable energy applications to curb carbon emission have become a pressing demand for today's society. However, high-performance energy devices through innovated materials remains formidable challenges in many aspects from energy harvesting, storage, to applications. Solving such a central societal issue requires collaborative efforts of material synthesis, advanced characterizations and theoretical calculations. Synchrotron-based soft and tender X-ray core-level spectroscopy has made significant contributions for characterizing both the interface and bulk material properties in a number of energy devices, such as batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, and catalytic systems. This workshop will focus on the grand challenges in energy sciences and discuss the unique opportunities for soft and tender X-ray spectroscopy, including photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, emission spectroscopy and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering, to tackle the fundamental and practical problems. We plan to have presentations and discussions on different topics of energy sciences in different applications. Various spectroscopic experiments will be covered for revealing the information needed for understanding and developments of energy materials. The workshop will bring together material scientists and engineers, spectroscopic experimentalists, and theoretical physicists from both industry and academic fields.




08:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast ( ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)
Chair: Wanli Yang, Oleg Kostko
08:30 Welcome

8:35 AM TBD (theory). David Prendergast, LBNL-TMF

9:05 AM Probing ideal and dirty buried interfaces with soft and tender x-ray spectroscopy. Louis F Piper, State University of New York at Binghamton

9:35 AM  Using X-Ray Tools to Solve the Mystery of Soot Formation. Hope Michelsen, University of Colorado Boulder

10:05 AM Break

Chair: Yi-sheng Liu, Jinghua Guo

10:30 AM Soft X-rays and CO2: From Gas Capture To Solar Fuels. Walter Drisdell,  LBNL-CSD

11:00 AM CO Adsorption on Manganese Oxide / Cobalt for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis. Head, Ashley, Brookhaven National Lab

11:30 AM  Ultrafast X-Ray Studies of Interfacial Energy- and Charge-Transfer Dynamics. Oliver Gessner, LBNL-CSD

12:00 ------------ Lunch ( ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)

1:20 pm Move to Building 50 Auditorium
1:30 pm ALS-U Project Update Dave Robin, ALS-U, LBNL
2:10 pm Student Poster Award Talk TBA
2:20 pm Move back to workshop locations

Chair: Ethan Crumlin, Oleg Kostko

14:30 PM Carbon Dioxide adsorption and activation on metal catalyst surfaces. Yifan Ye, LBNL-JCAP

15:00 PM  CO2 conversion reaction on Ni(100) probed with Ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Kyung-Jae Lee, LBNL-ALS

15:30 -----------Afternoon Coffee Break

Chair: Ethan Crumlin, Yi-sheng Liu

4:00 PM In Situ Study of Single Atom Alloy Catalysts with Soft X-ray Spectroscopy. Iradwikanari Waluyo, Brookhaven National Lab

4:30 PM How (not) to do depth profiling using (AP)XPS. Slavomir Nemsak, LBNL-ALS

5:00 pm Move to ALS Patio
5:15 pm Awards Dinner—ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
8:00 pm Conclusion Day 2



08:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast ( ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)

Chair: Oleg Kostko, Jinghua Guo

9:00 AM Understanding topotactic phase transitions in epitaxial oxide thin films – Insights from APXPS and XAS. Yingge Du, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

9:30 AM  TBD (in-situ). Yi-sheng Liu, LBNL-ALS

10:00 ------------- Coffee Break

Chair: Yi-sheng Liu, Wanli Yang

10:30 AM Diffusion of charge carriers in composite battery cathode modulated both surface chemistry and sub-surface microstructure. Yijin Liu, SLAC-SSRL

11:00 AM Understanding Lithium Rich Disordered Rock Salt Materials As Cathode Materials Using mRIXS. Yang Ha, LBNL-ALS

11:30 AM  TBD (STXM). Young-Sang Yu, LBNL-ALS

12:00 ------------ Lunch ( ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)