2020/07/14 COVID-19 operations:

In order to reduce the time staying at the beamline, we suggest the follow procedures for running iRIXS experiments:

1. [on site required] Load/transfer your samples into iRIXS endstation.

2. [on site required] Set the gratings and entrance slits of the beamline.

2. [on site required for now before laser switch could be remotely controlled (in process)] Find and record the XYZ positions of all your samples by using the alignment lasers, no X-ray beam required. Remember to switch off the two lasers before leaving the ALS floor.

3. [Remote] Run experiments remotely through VNC controls to BCS and iRIXS/htRIXS computers.
   - for XAS, you may choose to set up a trajectory scan across many samples. Please see a video guideline by Dr. Yi-sheng Liu: https://youtu.be/zXQVhZTLrKg
   - for RIXS, please see iRIXS manual to set up scans.

Note: We recommend using gloves when touching public areas at the beamline, especially workstations. Otherwise, pleae wipe the public area before leaving the beamline. There is a washing station and supplies right into ALS main entrance door.