BL8.0.1.1 iRIXS Sample Positioning using alignment lasers

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DISCLAIMER: A synchrotron beamline is NOT something one could operate by just reading through a manual. Anyone operating a synchrotron beamline should have some sort of OJT. Reading this manual does NOT automatically authorize anyone to operate any synchrotron beamline. The purpose of this manual is for providing a reference, a reminder, or a general guideline for users who know what they are doing.


As of Jul 12, 2020, two Class 3A lasers, one red and one green, have been setup to the iRIXS endstation, pointing towards the sample/beam spot.

NOTE: please do NOT touch the laser covers and cables! Any change on the laser angle will require a new alignment.

The locations of the i) 2 alignment lasers, ii) 2 Cameras, iii) 2 laser controllers, are shown in the photo below:
iRIXS Laser Locations

The schematic below shows the mechanism on sample positioning using the 2 alignment lasers. The crossing point of the two alignment laser beam defines the beam spot with visible light.
iRIXS laser alignment schematic

  1. Make sure the manipulator is moving within a safe range so the cryostat will not crash into the chamber wall (X/Y zero is around the center).
  2. Turn both lasers on (see controller locations in the photo above)
  3. Move X and Y so you will see the two lasers hit a single spot on your sample holder (you will see easily the two spots are separating or merging while moving along different directions) - this is where the beam will hit on your sample holder.
  4. Move Z (vertical) to the vertical level of the sample you would like to measure. This does not affect the alignment as it’s perpendicular to the X-ray beam.
  5. Move X towards the sample you would like to measure, you will see the two laser spots start to separate.
  6. Move Y (along X-ray beam) to let the 2 laser spots merge - again, this is where the beam will hit.
  7. Repeat 4 & 5 until the merged laser spot is on your sample.
  8. You are ready to collect data or record the sample XYZ positions for remote experiments.

Two quick video demonstrations: (Note the angles and colors in the software have been corrected as of July 14th, 2020)  (by on site looking into chamber)  (all through iRIXS computer)